Before embarking on this epic journey, Erwin van Vliet was a renowned professional horse trainer in Western Australia. He instructed and trained hundreds of horses and riders of all levels and disciplines at his training facility the Western Ranch in Manjimup. Erwin also conducted horsemanship clinics and demonstrations throughout the state, as well as showing his skills to a large audience at the Milne Feed Spectacle in 2013 and 2014 and Equestra in 2018.


Erwin's specialty is reining and he showed with great success. He and his stallion Readies Lil Whizzel (Giles) are 2019 WA State Champion Limited Open and Rookie Pro. Erwin consistently placed in the top 10 of Reining Australia's High Point Rookie Pro with both his stallion and mare OP Dunit with me (Trixie). He won the WA Open Reining buckle series 4 years (2012 - 2015) in a row with Giles. And before that with Trixie in 2011 and in 2008 with gelding Winchester Autrey.

Erwin van Vliet