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45 Tinks Road

Manjimup WA 6258


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Frequently Asked Questions


Booking Conditions


Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, the mimimum age for our rides is 10 years old. Safety comes first. All children will be assessed on their level of confidence or experience. This might mean children on the one hour ride will be guided on foot on a lead line by one of our staff. Two hour rides might stay at a slower pace where we deem it necessary. The Three Hour is not be suitable for children with no riding experience. We reserve the right to refuse riding to a child if we think it is not safe.

We prefer an adult or guardian to ride on the trail ride with any child under 12 years of age. A parental Concent form needs to be filled out for any rider under 18 years of age. 


Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, the maximum weight for a rider is 100kg. Each riders riding ability, size and confidence is considered when choosing an appropriate horse and saddle. If you are above 100kg we need to consider if you will be suitable to participate in a riding activity. We reserve the right to refuse anybody that does not meet our weight restrictions. There may be an exception made if the person is a capable rider. 


Do you have a mimimum or maximum amount of riders?

Yes, on the Ranch Ride, Forest Ride and Three Hour Ride there is a mimimum of 2 riders and a maximum of 4. We keep our groups small so that everybody can have an enjoyable ride. Two guides will accompany each ride. 


How early do I need to arrive before the ride?

About 15 minutes before the ride. This will give you time to fill out our waiver, get a helmet fitted and received riding instructions. 


Do you ride when it rains or is really hot?

Yes, we ride in the rain, unless it is a thunder storm. Up to 35 degrees the rides will go ahead. If it is hotter we assess the weather conditions and planned rides and decide on the day if the rides are going ahead or not. 


How do I book a trail ride?

Bookings for trail rides are made via our online booking system. We generally need about 24 hours notice, longer for holiday weekends etc. 


Can I pay with credit card?

If you book online you can pay by credit card or PayPal. We don't have card facilities at the Ranch. If you need to pay for your ride on the day, please bring cash. 


Can I arrange a gift voucher?

Yes, you can buy gift voucher for all our rides. Either online or contact us directly. 


Can I cancel a ride?

We appreciate it if you let us know if you are not coming. It takes a while to saddle all the horses and get ready for the rides. It is also not fair on other riders to have them wait because you are late or not coming. We will do our best to reschedule your ride if you can't make it because of circumstances our of your control.

When you cancel we charge a $10 cancellation fee per booking. If you cancel a River or Tavern Ride less then 48 hours before the ride we charge a $10 fee per person. If you cancel less then 24 hours before any ride, no refund is given.  



Riding Conditions


Do you cater for someone who has never ridden?

Yes. For our Ranch and Forest Ride no prior riding experience is necessary. Before the ride you will be instructed about the basic skills of riding your horse. Our horses are well trained and safe. During the ride there are two guides who will keep a good eye on you and be able to help if need be. For the longer rides (3 Hour Ride) it is preferable to have some riding experience, if only for your own comfort. 


Can I bring my own horse?

No. On our scheduled rides you can not bring your own horse. Our team of horses run as a herd and work well together, input of outside horses might influence this balance. If you book a Horse Holiday or Clinic, we will offer private rides into the bush on which you are welcome to take your own horse.


Do you have different rides available depending on experience?

Our Ranch and Forest Ride are great for families, children over 10 years of age and beginner riders. Our 3 Hour,is more suitable for riders with more experience. These rides have a few more opportunities for a trot and a canter. Safety comes first, so we won't go faster if we think you can not handle it. 


How do you classify rider experience?

Beginner: 1 - 15 rides

Intermediate: 15 - 100 rides

Experienced: > 100 rides


Can I go for a gallop?

No, we do not gallop our horses. For capable riders an opportunity to trot and canter will be made by our trail guide.  


I don't want to wear a helmet, can I ride?

We have a strict policy, no helmet no ride. Helmets are compulsory and will be prvided by us. 


What do I need to wear?

Long pants and enclosed shoes. We prefer boots, but if you don't have them trainers are fine as well. Also make sure you wear season apprppriate clothing. Suncreen and sunglasses are recommended for Summer. A rain coat and a dry set of clothes are handy in Winter.


Can I take a drink or camera with me?

We will have emergency water with us on all rides. On hot days we will take water for you. Camera's are hard to take on the horse, you can take your phone and use the camera function. We will also make pictures during the ride for you. 


Can my partner who doesn't ride, walk with us?

Yes, but only on the Ranch Ride. On all other ride only participating riders can come along. 





Is there mobile phone reception?

At the Ranch you will have mobile reception if you have a Telstra account. All other carriers don't have reception. On the rides limited reception is available in specific areas.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have insurance in place, as well as a Dpaw Licence to ride in State Forest.


Do your guides have first aid training?



Can you be reached by public transport?

No unfortuantely there are no public transport facilities close by. 


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