Giles 100 low res.jpg

The idea was to take only one horse. We set our minds on Tonto as he was the most suitable of all the horses we still had at the Ranch. It was very hard to sell the horses, and as they went one by one, Giles stayed in the paddock. When it was time to make the decision, we couldn’t let him go. He had given so much to us that now it was his turn. All his life he only knew competition, breeding and being by himself. This trip will show him that there is a whole wide world out there.

Giles or Readies Lil Whizzel needs no introduction in the reining world. He has been Erwin’s champion stallion and together they won everything there is to win in the reining in WA. His latest title Limited Open and Rookie Pro State Champion. They were an awesome team in the showring, truly willingly guided by Erwin.

Giles has always been a willing and hard worker. He is only 14.2h but shows himself to be a lot bigger because of his bulky muscled body, broad shoulders and classic Quarter Horse build. The work he had to do on the road however is of a different kind. Here stamina, long hours and endurance are more important. Slowly over time we saw his body shape change from body builder to long distance runner. Again he gives his all.

He truly is a one of a kind horse.