Our animals are our family so when we went on our epic adventure there was no question of not taking Olly with us. Olly is our 3 yr old Border Collie x Kelpie.

He is a shy, polite and well trained dog. Everybody likes him. At the Ranch we always had dogs that are friendly looking and well behaved because of all the different kinds of people who visited. 

Olly is the best people's trainer. He picks up a stick or ball, puts it in front of your feet, looks at it and then looks at you. Everybody picks it up and throws it for him! He can get a little obsessed by this game, so we try not to encourage it too much. He then just goes off keeps himself entertained. 

In the beginning of the trip he was a bit overwhelmed by the constant moving. But soon he realised the truck is home and he found his own spot under the table that gives him the security he needs. 

Olly is Monique co-pilot and knows the daily drill, sitting in his prime location in the truck. So far he hasn't been going out with Erwin and the horses, maybe one day when the tracks are safe. 

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