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We have been long term Scoot Boot users. Before we started on our venture around Australia we had a trail ride business, taking tourists into the Southern Forest to enjoy the bush on horseback. We had about 10 trail horses who all wore boots. When we first started we used the Easyboot Gloves. They were a good boot, but the gaiters wore pretty quickly, the Velcro didn't stick anymore and they have hard shells that were not easy to put on. Slowly we transitioned to the Scoot Boots, which we have been using ever since.

We like the Scoot Boots because they are very flexible and easy to put on the horses feet. They are well designed with straps that are easy to fasten and are robust and simple enough not to wear or break easy. We have plenty of spare parts, but hardly had to use any on our 1500km journey so far.


Because we had so many horses when we had the trail business we had lots of different sizes boots, so it was easy to try on sizes and find the right size boot for each horse. Measuring is hard and not always very accurate. Scoot Boots do offer a sizing service and even offer free returns if the boot doesn't fit. Which is a great idea. Another way to do it is like we did before we started. We wanted to make sure the horses were as comfortable as possible in their boots so we had a professional hoof boot fitter come out to fit them properly.

The boots come in a regular and slim size. Our boys have a regular size in the front and a slim in the back. When the boots fit correctly they hardly come off. We had one come off when we went through some deep mud (Scoot Boots have mud straps that we haven't used yet) and once when we were cantering. After inspection we found that the hind leg got hooked in the access pastern straps. If you put them on the longest on the inside of the leg, this does not happen. Problem solved.


In the beginning of our journey around Australia we had lots of trouble with Giles' boots. Because he is reining bred, he puts his hind legs very far underneath himself. This caused the top of the boots to chafe his pastern. We tried different sizes, bandaging (which helped but was not an ideal solution), even going barefoot and not riding. We also tried Renegade boots, which basically did the same. We almost gave up and considered leaving him behind. But then we found out that Scoot Boots do endurance gaiters. All boots come with trail gaiters, which are small and are great for Tonto. They didn't help Giles, but the endurance gaiters did. As soon as we started using them, no more chafing problems!

The gaiters are loose, so you need to put them in the boot and then put the boot on. We had to get used to this in the beginning, but have it down pat now.


We have been travelling for about 1500km so far, most of this time the boys have been wearing their boots. Today we got our first replacement pairs. Giles's hind boots really have had it. The others are not far behind, but I think we can still squeeze some extra km's out of them or keep them as emergency back ups. Very happy with this mileage as we still have a long way, and many pair of boots, to go.


Our only modification we made to the boots was some extra stone protection for the harsh country we are travelling through at the moment. To protect Giles from the rubbing of little stones in his boots, we gave him some sock protectors! Would be awesome if we found some canvas ones that will last longer. Maybe the next Scoot Boot innovation!

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