Top 3 horse camps in WA

Before going on our trip around Australia we never really camped with our horses, other then at the reining shows. So, we didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously, there were going to be some amazing places to camp at and some awful ones. For us, an amazing campsite constitutes a nice scenery, great trails around the camp, a safe and sheltered place for the horses and a bonus would be facilities like water and yards available.

To date we have ridden about 950km, between Manjimup and Esperance and camped at about 40 different places. Here is our Top 3 so far.

1. Camp Muir

This was only our second camp, but even then we knew it wouldn’t get much better then this. The camp is part of the Warren Blackwood Stock Route. It’s nestled in the Karri Forests next to a freshwater dam. The campsite has all the facilities you and your horse need; 4 safe steel yards, a toilet, shelter, water tank, fire ring and a place to park a vehicle. If you follow the stock route the trail goes through some beautiful bush and farmland. Even if you were to just camp here and do some riding from this place you will find enough nice tracks to ride along. The camp is accessible by a well-kept gravel road, the truck didn’t have any trouble getting there or setting up next to the dam. The only minus, if I need to say something, is that the horse yards are a fair way from the truck parking. You can not see the horses from there, but if you were to camp at the shelter you would.

2. 13 Miles Beach Hopetoun

Riding a horse on the beach is the dream of every horse rider. After riding from Albany to Ravensthorpe, we decided we needed a break from the highway and farmlands, so we turned to Hopetoun. It was terribly busy here because of school holidays, but we did manage to find a great camping spot at 13 Miles Beach. Nothing fancy, no facilities, basically just a parking space. But it was sheltered, and we could tuck into a little alcove with the horses behind us in the trees. The biggest drawcard was that we had direct beach access and nobody on the beach. We stayed a couple of days over Christmas and had a lovely beach ride with the 2 of us. Highlight was the seal that watched us from the water as we rode along!

If you want to go for a beach ride, we can really recommend the area between Hopetoun and Munglinup beach. Other camp spots that are great along that stretch are Mason Bay and Starvation Bay. The Munglinup caravan park also takes horses and the ride from the caravan park along the Estuary to the beach is a must.

3. Karriview Cottage, Albany

This last one is unfortunately no longer available for camping with your horse, but we still want to mention it. An easy way to experience a horse holiday is to book accommodation that will allow your horse to stay as well. You have all the luxuries, your horses are safe and you can explore some new riding trails. The cottage we stayed at was right at the Stidwell bridle trail in Albany, an area that is worth exploring. You might be able to camp at the Albany Equestrian Centre that is located at the horse trail.

I hope we inspired you to take your horse on your next holiday.

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