Torbay to Elleker Rail Trail

We stumbled upon this lovely trail by accident. I was looking for a camp for the night in Elleker and found the dedicated float parking area at the end of this trail. In the mean time Erwin was already following the trail along the lower Denmark road.

Although the trail is only about 8 km it is enjoyable to ride on a dedicated trail instead of alongside the road. The old railway follows the Lower Denmark Road, but although you can hear and see the traffic, the little corridor feels like a private heaven with some delightful flora and fauna. It's a pity we missed the start of this trail as it passes through some great farmland and the Torbay Inlet.

It's great that this trail offers float parking at the start of the trail. At the Torbay end, the trail starts at the Torbay Hall which I imagine also has enough room to pull up your rig. To have a toilet and a manure bin handy is a bonus. The Denmark-Nornalup trail could definitely do with some more facilities, even if they were as basic as these ones. Well done Elleker /Torbay!

The trail keeps on going for a little while longer after Elleker, which we happily made use off.

It's great that all these former railways are still being used for recreational purposes. We hope to run into a lot more of these treasures.

For more information, check out the Rail Trails website.

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