Let me introduce you to some of the amazing products that we personally use on our epic ride around Australia. 


One of the most important things to take on a long ride are hoof boots. The horses make long kilometers day after day and their hooves need to be protected on all different kinds of terrain. We are long time users of Scootboots and are very pleased with their support on our trip. If you would like to know more about the boots, read our Blog: Scoot Boots Review.


More good news from Scootboots, we can offer you a discount. Use the code: HORSETREK on the checkout page and you'll receive 10% off your purchase. 


Our horses health is of utmost importance. No horse, no journey. Virbac products have always had a place in our store room. From Cetrigen wound spray to wormers, Biotin and rapigel. While crossing the Nullabor, we were especially thankful for the Recharge that helped the horses restore their electrolythe levels after all the sweat loss. 

Virbac have some great information available about all aspects of your horse's health. Check out their Horse Health Hub. 

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Prohorse is an online horse shop with a great assortment of horse gear, riding apparel and horse care products. 


We have been looking for a sidepull bridle to use on the boys for a while and couldn't find what we wanted. Prohorse was so kind to donate a bittless bridle to us to try out. The boys are happy, as it sure makes it a lot easier to graze along the road. Thanks!


The songs of The Western Suntones blend country, blues and roots music, creating a Country/Americana sound. Inspired by artists such as Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle, their style is reminiscent of classic country rock outfits Creedence, Poco and The Eagles. The group’s creative core of Steve Smith, Jeff Barham and Chris Harwood have brought many years of music industry experience to their decade-long collaboration.

Erwin met Steve when he was still giving horsemanship clinics. They played together and have kept in touch since. The Western Suntones newest album 'The Long Way Home', aligns perfectly with our travels and makes for a great soundtrack to our videos. 

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